Variations of “OTUTOM” through AI

In an intriguing application of DALL-E, an AI image generation tool, a new experiment highlights the linguistic diversity and creativity rooted in regional dialects. Specifically, the focus is on the word “OTUTOM,” derived from the Plzeň dialect in the Czech Republic. This term is a condensed form of the Czech phrase “O TADY TÉTO VĚCI” or “O TADY TOM,” translating roughly to “about this thing here.” The phrase is commonly shortened to “O TU TOM.”

The experimental project involves instructing DALL-E to generate images featuring the word “OTUTOM” or its variations, showcasing the AI’s ability to creatively interpret and visually represent linguistic nuances. The variations include “OTTUTOM“, “OTYOM“, “OTUOM“, “OTTOM“, “OTIUOM“, “OTUUTOM“, “OTUTOOM“, “OTUTM“, “OTOM“, “OTUT“, “OOTUNTOM“, “OTOUTOTM“, “OTOUTOIM“, “OCTOUTOTIM“, “OTCUTOM“, “OUTOM“,, “OTULOM“, “OITUTOM“, “OTTTUTOM“, “OTTON” and “OTUTTOM.” Each variant, though slightly altered, carries the essence of the original dialectal expression.

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